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  • A Personal Safety Kit for Women

    We hear more and more about crimes against women. #metoo and the Hollywood scandals have really highlighted this in recent months.

    Statistics show:

    1. A woman is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes in the United States.
    2. A property crime occurs every 3 seconds.
    3. There is a burglary every 10 seconds.
    4. A violent crime happens every 20 seconds.
    5. One aggravated assault happens every 35 seconds.
    6. There is a robbery every minute.

    These numbers may have gone up since they were compiled.

    Most of us have not been trained in personal safety, though more and more are taking steps to control their personal safety.

    There are many options to choose from. More and more women are attending gun shows. Of course, guns are not for everyone; many are just so uneasy or squeamish about using them. The options available may overwhelm you, but SafeFamilyLife has created a solution.

    They created the Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women.

    The kit contains the following:

    1. 1/2 ounce Pepper Spray with Leatherette Holster. This pepper spray contains 10% OC  (Oleoresin Capsicum) and is rated at 2,000,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). The unit has 6-10 one  second shots with a range of 6-8 foot range.

    2. Lipstick Pepper Spray. Disguised as a tube of lipstick, this product contains the same pepper spray as the first item. It has 20 half second bursts with a range of 10 feet.

    3. Book Diversion Safe. This won't prevent an attack, but it will help you keep your valuables safe at home. It is made from a real book.

    4. Electronic Pocket Whistle. You won't have to blow the whistle when under stress. Just press a button, and it puts out an ear-piercing 120 dB.

    5. 130 dB Personal Alarm with Light. This alarm also has a built-in mini-flashlight.

    Batteries and an instruction manual are included!

    And that isn't all. There are also 5 reports. They are:

    1. Safe Dating
    2. Self-Defense Techniques
    3. Stay Safe While Travelling
    4. What to do if Stopped by Police
    5. What You Should Know about Sexual and Domestic Assault.

    Lastly, there is an instructional DVD.

    All this, and you get free shipping!


  • Woman Prevents Robbery with Her Stun Gun

    In November, a New Orleans woman used her stun gun to prevent a man from stealing her bag. She was walking down a street, and a man, approaching her from behind, tried to wrests the bag from her. She pulled out her stun gun from her pocket, scaring the robber, who then ran away.

    Because the lady had her stun gun with her, she prevented a robbery. There was no mention of what bag's contents, but it's safe believe that it contained valuables of some sort. If she hadn't had a self-defense tool with her and tried to protect herself, the result would probably have been worse.

    Just the presence of the stun gun stopped this robbery. Sometimes, showing the culprit it does work enough. There are other times, of course, when it must be used against the attacker. As with any other self-defense tool, you must be prepared to use it.


  • Pepper Spray Used in a Real-Life Situation

    Video surveillance of a shooting at Seattle Pacific University revealed a student subduing the shooter by spraying him with pepper spray, then taking away his shotgun.

    DVDs of the 5 June 2014 shooting were released, and a three minute clip reveals 27 year old Aaron Ybarra being taken down by Jon Meis. Ybarra had killed one student and injured two others.

    The clip shows Ybarra enter Otto Miller Hall on Seattle Pacific University's campus, carrying a shotgun. Nobody paid attention to him until a female student, who had come a set of stairs, is fired upon. She paused, then ran up the stairs. Two students who were studying in the room also ran away.

    As the shot woman fled, student Jon Meis ran into the lobby, carrying pepper spray, which he used on Ybarra. Meis falls down and they wrestled, and Meis disarmed Ybarra, securing the shotgun in another room.

    Suffering from the effects of pepper spray, Ybarra rolled around on the floor. comes back to restrain him, and the shooter tried to pull out a knife. Another student came onto the scene and kicked the knife away.

    It was discovered the shooter had already killed one student outside Otto Miller Hall before entering the building; another was injured.

    For his actions, the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation chose Mr. Meis as one of three to  be honored in its 2015 Citizen Honors Program.

    Aaron Ybarra was sentenced to 112 years in prison.

    Pepper spray comes in different forms and concentrations. Wildfire Pepper Spray comes with an 18% concentration; many have 10% (or less). It is available to look like a tube of lipstick or a pen. There is also a pepper spray gel, which is extremely effective.

    You may not save only yourself; you may save others.

  • What About the 20 Million Volt Runt Stun Gun?

    Stun guns come in a variety of voltages; the higher the voltage, the more powerful and immediate the "stun". They disable your assailant temporarily so that you can escape and get help. Stun guns do this by depleting the perpetrator's blood sugar, turning it into lactic acid. The evildoer's body loses muscle control for a period of time that depends on the stun gun's voltage and time applied to your attacker.

    The Runt Stun Gun is a popular choice. It got its name because it is small in size and can be concealed in one's hand. It puts out 4.5 milliamps, depending on charge and packs 20,000,000 volts of power! Early stun guns had under 1,000,000 volts and were more expensive. Technology has come a long way.

    There are areas of the body that are better  when using your Runt Stun Gun. They include upper shoulders, lower rib cage and the upper hip- areas that are more fleshy. If you must react quickly, just apply it to the perp's body where you can.

    The Runt Stun Gun comes with a belt loop holster and a built-in flashlight. There is a disable pin attached to a wrist strap; if your attacker grabs the gun, the disable pin will come out, because it's attached to your wrist strap, making the stun gun useless to your assailant.

    Some people are concerned that the stun can transfer back to you when using it. This is not possible! Nevertheless, there is one drawback: in a few areas, they are not legal. If you are not sure whether they are legal in your area, click here.

    Lastly, the Runt Stun Gun comes in several different colors, depending on your taste. It is available in black, pink, purple, red, blue and green.


  • What Does the Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer Do?

    The Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer is a very sensitive pinpointer, and, as the "CSI" implies, it is designed for use in crime scene investigation.

    It has both an audible and vibrating alarms. The alarm's intensity increases as the Pro-Pointer gets nearer to the object and will help you zero in on weapons, shell casings, projectiles and other crime scene evidence. It may also be used to search walls and tight spaces to locate metal pipes, studs and similar items.

    It has a scraping blade that helps you sift through soil, and it is water resistant and can be used in the rain.

    Metal objects can be located from the tip and 360 degrees around the wand. Unlike some, no motion is needed, and an LED flashlight aids you in dim light.

    Metal detectorists also are known to use this handy device; it is a great help in zeroing in on a buried target.

    The Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer also comes with a holster and uses one 9 volt battery, which is included

  • Do You Ever Lose Your Keys?

    Do you ever lose your keys? This is not unusual, especially in today's fast-paced lifestyles, and keys aren't the only things we misplace.

    The Safe Family Life Key Finder is an excellent, handy device that can help you keep track of items you misplace on a regular basis.

    This convenient, easy-to-use device is attached to a set of keys or other item. If you need to find it, just press a button on a small credit card type transmitter, and the Safe Family Life Key Finder will sound a beeping alarm for four seconds.

    It detects signals from up to 50 feet away, even if hidden under something, e.g. pillows or seat cushions. The radio frequency penetrates walls, cushions, leather, pillows, and its 90dB sound is heard very easily.

    This super-handy tool comes with a transmitter and 2 key fob receivers, and batteries are included. Batteries should last a year, depending on use. It's a good idea to test it every week or so.


  • How an 8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool Came to the Rescue

    The man received an 8-N-1 auto emergency tool for Christmas. Skeptical at first, he started reading about all it can do.

    His Jeep had been souped up, because he did a lot of 4-wheeling and sometimes drove in deep water.

    As he was preparing to go 4-wheeling, he thought that maybe it could come in handy, so he put it in his glove compartment, so that he had a flashlight if it got dark.

    None of his buddies had one, so he made sure that they knew he had it in case anyone needed it. He pointed out to them that it wasn't just a flashlight; there was a flashing red light to signal in case of emergency. It had a seat belt cutter, too. He'd heard of them, but he had never checked them out. This was also true of the built-on hammer that could break glass.

    It also had a cell phone charger that also charged the internal battery. Very handy! A magnet on the bottom also allowed you to mount it to your vehicle.

    When they arrived at the park, the manager informed them that it had rained quite a bit the day before. They still proceeded into the park and went to the toughest area to drive.

    Things started out well for them, but then they ran into an area of muddy ground. As they went in farther and farther, it got worse. He rolled up his windows and kept going, only to get into spot too deep. His huge tires kept spinning, unable to gain any traction. Water started coming in his doors.

    He decided he had to get out, but the door would not open, and he could not unfasten his seat belt. He opened the glove box and retrieved the 8-N-1 tool and quickly cut the seat belt. Using the hammer part, he broke the window and was able to escape.

    Fortunately, his pals hadn't been as foolish as he in advancing into the mire.

    Even more fortunately, he had the 8-N-1 tool with him.


  • The Oscars, #MeToo and Self-Defense

    Most all of us have heard of the expensive goodie bags Oscar nominees receive just for being nominated for an Oscar. It has been reported today that this year's include several self-defense products.

    In light of the Hollywood scandal concerning violence against women, it's interesting that these products have been added to goodies like trips and other luxuries. The self-defense items may turn out to be more valuable to the nominees.

    Among the products being given are two different pepper sprays and pepper spray gel. These are often a first self-defense product of choice

    The other "prizes" are two body alarms and a date rape drug kit.

    These goodies may turn out to be the ones that become the most valuable in the $120,000 goodie bag.

  • Self-Defense Flashlights

    You've probably seen the ads touting super-bright flashlights for self-defense. They blind an attacker, allowing the potential victim escape or get an edge on the assailant. You read through the ad or spend some time watching  a video. Then, you are informed you must pay shipping and handling for the completely free flashlight, which they claim retails for $60 or more; sometimes they want you to piggyback another item with your free flashlight.

    If they mention the light's intensity, it's typically 1000 lumens, which is enough to do the job. Some have a crenulated end that can tear soft flesh.

    There is a 1200 Lumen LED Zoomable Flashlight that will pinpoint your  beam. At 50 feet it can zoom from a 30 foot beam down to a 6 foot beam. It has a blinding strobe to disorient an attacker plus an SOS setting for signaling. It's little brother, the 500 Lumen LED Zoomable Flashlight is similar. 500 lumens is less power, but it is plenty to do the job. Some like it because it is small enough to be hidden easily in one's hand; it measures only 3-5/8  x 1 inch and is as zoomable as its big brother.

    All good stun guns today have built-in flashlights, e.g. the Bashlight , the Shorty, and the Gold Zoomable Stun Gun Flashlight. The Stun Baton has metal strips on the side that will also shock someone trying to take it from you, and the BadAss Metal Stun Gun can also be used as a club against your attacker. There are raised knobs on the side near the "business end" that will tear into the assailant.

    And, oh, our shipping and handling is always free.

  • What are Personal Alarms and How They Can Help You

    Those who travel along, whether for work or pleasure, often find that keeping a personal alarm handy is a godsend. Crime rates all over the world are rising, and personal alarms are inexpensive items for your protection.

    Personal alarms are designed to confound and scare away an attacker so that you can escape the area to find safety. The alarms emit a very loud sound to draw attention to yourself. Attackers are less likely to stick around when an alarm goes off. Typically, the sound is around 120-130 decibels. This should make it heard over heavy traffic.

    There are different types of alarms, most battery-powered. Many have key rings attached. There is also the Nap Alarm, which is designed for those who may nod off at inopportune times, e.g. while driving.

    Personal alarms are very effective, for the most part, but they are passive devices that don't disable your attacker. If the assailant takes off, it has done its job. Many keep pepper spray or stun guns as a second line of defense. They can be activated when the perpetrator hesitates upon hearing the alarm.


    Though they are godsends to anyone, they can especially helpful for seniors and the disabled. There are even child leash armbands that act as alarms!



    All-in-all, personal alarms can be invaluable and inexpensive insurance for your safety.

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